Proposed Pricing

Pricing structure may be subject to change and may be changed based on feedback.

Basic Fees
Storage: $0.01 per disk per month.
(Steep discount after 100 disks)
Cloud Access: $0.01 per disk per month.
($1 maximum!)
Cloud Data:$0.10 per GB downloaded or streamed
Sales:3% of price
(paid at time of sale)
Sales tax:10% of price can be collected, and all taxes will be paid for you, or you can opt out and be responsible for that tax yourself.
Incoming media:$1 per item
(paid at time of first sale)
Outgoing media:Actual cost of employee time and shipping costs.
We will honor existing return prices for a period of at least 5 years.
Incoming funds:Amount recieved is added to user's balance
Outgoing funds:$5 processing fee per distribution

Miscelaneous additional info:

Storage and Cloud Access fees are charged at the start of the month.

If the customer balance is below zero after storage is charged, Cloud Access will be disabled.

Media purchase orders may not be placed that result in a balance below zero.

If a customer has a balance owing that exceeds the current market value of their entire collection, it may be liquidated to pay the owed amount.
(This would be a manual process, with as much notice as possible)


We store physical media in our warehouse. Books, CDs, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray sit on shelves, never moving, yet being traded and used constantly.


Our marketplace turns dead formats into valuable commodities. Transactions happen instantly. ownership of items in the warehouse, and funds in accounts change owners at a blistering pace, and with only a small transaction fee. The market makes buying and selling so easy you'll be amazed.


All the media you own is accessible on a diverse range of devices. We strive for things to work everywhere. Files are available in multiple qualities, for streaming or download an unlimited number of times. Never worry about deleting your local copies, you can always get them again.