Murfie Is Back!

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A plan is in place and your media is safe, and secure.

Crossies LLC has purchased substantially all of the assets of Murfie, and over the next few weeks will be integrating their systems with our technology to re-enable access to your collections and once again enjoy lossless access to your music. All of the disks Murfie stored will be transferred to our own warehouse, where they will be safe for many, many years.

The services we will provide will be very much the same as Murfie's. We may do some things a little differently than the old Murfie did, but will be as transparent as possible through the whole process.

We weren't expecting this, and our service isn't currently capable of serving everyone right off the bat. We'll be transfering your collections, and scaling up as quickly as possible, but it may take a little time for us to catch up.

I hope that you will like the service we are building even better than you liked the old Murfie, but if you choose to have your media returned, we will honor Murfie and Murfie Customer Return Service pricing for at least the next 5 years.

Welcome to the new Murfie!

John Fenley

Murfie is live right now! What are you doing here instead of rocking out?


Will the new service be compatible with Sonos?We will be doing everything we can to make sure your music is available on all your devices.
Will I be able to have only some of my collection returned?Yes. Once we re-enable the website, you'll be able to request delivery of any subset of your discs.
Can I still get access to discs I have returned to me?Unfortunately No. The service relies on the absolute guarantee that you own the media you are accessing. If the discs are returned, we can no longer provide access.
Is delivery by hard drive available?Crossies was never designed as a rip-and-return service, and we won't be providing that service. If you want a local copy of your music, you will be able to download all the files from the site.
I've already paid to have my media returned... can I stop the return and try your service?Of course! We are so happy to hear that. We will be double checking with everyone before any shipments are made.
What happens to our credits if we have already had our discs returned?When we re-enable the service, your credits will still be usable for purchases or other services on the site.
What will the new service cost?See our Pricing page for more info
Will FLAC and MP3 downloads still be available?Yes, we will have your media available in lossless FLAC, and a variety of MP3 bitrates.
What about Vinyl?All the Vinyl records and any other media are also safe. Pricing of returns and storage may be different for different types of media than it is for CDs. Each type of media requires a different process for extracting content as well, and recording audio from Vinyl records will probably be delayed until a satisfactory system can be set up after the move to Arkansas.
What is happening to funds that have already been paid to MCRS?At this time neither MCRS or Crossies have access to those funds. Paypal has not released them, but the amount you have paid will be added to your old customer credit balance, and a credit for your remaining subscription time, to be used for any services on the platform.

Once the funds are released, they will first be used to pay back the MCRS temporary operating capital loan, and the personal credit card of an ex-employee who used it to keep the infrastructure for returns alive. Any remainder will be transfered to Crossies.


We store physical media in our warehouse. Books, CDs, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray sit on shelves, never moving, yet being traded and used constantly.


Our marketplace turns dead formats into valuable commodities. Transactions happen instantly. ownership of items in the warehouse, and funds in accounts change owners at a blistering pace, and with only a small transaction fee. The market makes buying and selling so easy you'll be amazed.


All the media you own is accessible on a diverse range of devices. We strive for things to work everywhere. Files are available in multiple qualities, for streaming or download an unlimited number of times. Never worry about deleting your local copies, you can always get them again.