Google Fiber has changed its terms of service and now allows servers for non-commercial use.

The first protest

On Oct 5, 2013, after attempting to sign up for Google Fiber, I read the terms of service and refused because of a "no servers" clause. I bought some signs, and stood outside the convention center where they were holding early sign ups.

The second protest

After speaking with the people inside on Monday, I did not protest on Oct 7 while awaiting an answer on the server issue. On Oct 8 2013 after getting no answer on servers again, I was back with my family holding signs.


While sending an email about the terms of service to the Deputy Mayor of Provo, I opened the terms of service to get the URL, and was amazed to see that they had changed on Oct 9! Thank you Google for listening. While I wish they would allow servers for commercial use, this is certainly a big win for internet users everywhere. Thank you Google. I'll be signing up for my super fast Google Fiber now...

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